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Standard CADOJ Search  $32 and $0 for non-profits.   Standard FBI Search  $17 and $15 for non-profits.  Form for GENERAL USE LiNK  Form for PUBLIC SCHOOL LINK 

Form for  'Personal Record Review'    Link

Government fees foor BSIS - Security Guards, Alarm Agents, Locksmiths, Private Investigators,, Repo Agents, Instructors:  Gov Fees Link 

Government fees for Contractors License:  Gov fees Link

CA DMV & Instructions - all require the DOJ search and see page 2 of form for those rqring FBI  Forms Link

CA Community Care Licensing gov fees can be found at   GOV FEES 

CA Board of Nursing "Request for Livescan Service"  form link

CA Real Estate License "Request for Livescan Service" form link

Our livescan fee:  $18 for livescan plus Government fees  &  it's cash-only and

                          walk-in during my posted hours.

What the Government charges you is extra & varies with the applicant type and ORI#
See the pertinent Government web site for what the Gov charges you - the pricing page on this website gives additional detail below that may also help you

$20 for 1 inked card $10 for an additional card

No credit or debit - cash only (we have change)



  1. ​​​​​Our fee is $18 plus Government fees for your particular 'applicant type".  Please check with the 
  2. agency who gave you your "Request for Live Scan Service" form or their website for the Gov fees. 
  4. MY FEE IS $18 + GOV  FEES - please fill out your livescan form before you arrive!!

Formerly norcal fingerprinting      Shortcut:
same owners, same experience , same EXPERTIS

Alert!! Nov 6, 2017

The CA Dept. of Justice has been taking up to 5 weeks to process some applicant records...others have been processed in a few days.  They have not been helpful in explaining delays so applicants need to plan for a possible month's delay or even longer.  I transmit my records before the applicant leaves my site and we review your entered data together.  I'm an expert capturing fingerprints and have years of experience and I will tell you about the quality of your fingerprints and the chances of a quick or delayed response.


      January 21, 2017 MAY GOD BLESS THE USA!


FOR PRICING ASSISTANCE, YOU MUSThave your "Request for Livescan Service" form from the entity that's asked you to do this.